The "GT Extreme We Go Hard" DVD - one of the hottest workout DVDs on the planet

The workout DVD contains George Tyler's patented GT Extreme Bag class, a challenging combination of boxing, cardio, strength, balance and rhythm exercises (GT Extreme Bag).  In addition to this high intensity cardio workout, the DVD contains an instructional segment to help you with your form and workout segments to work on specific body parts - legs & glutes.  All this and more for only $10.00.

  • GT Extreme Bag - 104 minutes of awesome workouts. 12 minutes of form and technique, 50 minutes of bag class, 25 minutes of strength and toning with dumbbells, 15 minutes of core and floor work.
  • George Tyler's Super-Mix - 22 minutes of form and technique, 40 minutes of GTBOX, 12 minutes of Boxer-firm, 25 minutes of Extreme Step, 15 minutes of core and glute work! 
  • GT Gospel Workout - Very uplifting, gospel music, and 15 minutes  of GT Box workout!

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