This program, GT Post Rehab, helps you get back to full recovery after release from a physical therapist. Regardless of your injury - knee, lower back, shoulder, GT Rehab will strengthen that muscle group.  Every workout session will be a slow, controlled, pain-free experience.  In Phase 1, we will work on your ROM (range of motion) through weight bearing exercises.  Phase 2 we will incorporate light weights. Each session will be built on the smallest progress until you are at 100% strength.  (see private training rates).


Many of our clients ask how and if their health insurance can help with the cost of post-rehabilitation. There are a few ways to go about it. We will fill out a HICF (Health Insurance Claim Form) for you to send to your insurance company for a direct reimbursement to you. You can also use an HSA (Health Savings Account) or Flex Spending from your workplace to pay us directly. At this time, all services must be paid upfront by you or a third party. We will not bill your insurance company directly.