Cardio Conditioning and Weight Loss Programs

(available at Elite Sports Fitness Network or On-site at your location)

Youth Fitness (age 12-18)

This program, for youth ages 12-18 years, is designed to improve fitness and mental attitude! The program is geared to be fun, but will generate noticeable results. Participants will get a total body workout, through cardio and strength conditioning.

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Cost: $150 per month or $300 for 3 months in advance
  • Class size: 5 people

Youth Obese Training (age 12-18)

This program is for ages 15-22 who are overweight and need the motivation of a dedicated professional trainer. The Youth Obese program will guide you through every step of the way. The program includes weigh-ins, meal plans and, most of all, a great workout. This class will burn calories, and tone and firm muscles - in a very positive environment that will help you stay committed.

  • Duration: 6 months 
  • Cost: $150 per month 
  • Class size: 5 people

GT Post Rehab

This program helps you get back to full recovery after release from a physical therapist. Regardless of your injury - knee, lower back, shoulder, GT Rehab will strengthen that muscle group.  Every workout session will be a slow, controlled, pain-free experience.  In Phase 1, we will work on your ROM (range of motion) through weight bearing exercises.  Phase 2 we will incorporate light weights. Each session will be built on the smallest progress until you are at 100% strength.  (see private training rates).


GT Bag Training

GT Bag is a high intensity cardio bag class designed to improve your over-all fitness! GT Bag is for all levels and you will feel the difference from a regular cardio kickboxing class.  The GT Bag workout consists of an intense combination of punching, kicking, using dumbbells, and much more.  Workouts can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour.  (see group/private training rates)

Sports Performance Training

Do you want to be an All-County, All-State, All-American athlete?  GT Pro's Sports Performance programs provide the training and motivation to achieve your elite fitness goals.  (see group & private training rates)

Entertainment Training

This program is for singers, dancers, musicians, TV personalities, actors or anyone who is in front of a crowd or camera, and their physical appearance determines the success of their livelihood.  This program is especially designed for weight loss and muscle-building.   Being on tour can be tough, GT's entertainment training is provides the necessary energy, strength and cardio endurance that you need to give the performance your fans expect.  (see group & private training rates)

GT Gospel Fitness Training

This program is built around praising God! GT Gospel is 40-45 minutes of low impact exercises to gospel music. A spiritual setting will be created by reading scripture, and praying before and after workouts.  (see group & private training rates)


George Tyler’s Fitness is now offering evening classes at Elite SFN!
Come and get a total body, calorie burning workout!!

Classes will be every Monday @ 6:30pm.

Drop ins $20.00

Monthly: $60.00 unlimited